Flashcards are a great way to highlight knowledge gaps, identify misconceptions or false beliefs, and help you memorise key concepts. When used in groups or teams, flashcards can help spark interesting discussions, and help bring people together to learn in a fun way by playing games.

Professionally printed

High quality or low price? As much as we strive to tick both boxes, when it comes to making a choice between those two options, high quality is what we choose.

Each deck contains:

  • 54 poker size cards
  • 320gsm embossed playing card stock
  • plastic coated finish
  • die cut cards to size with rounded corners
  • personalised printed tuck boxes supplied on 350gsm card with beautiful matt laminate finish

Become a master

Mastery is when your skill becomes second nature.

Read books, watch talks, do exercises and use flashcards to master Elixir. Flashcards will help you uncover the things you don't know and help you focus on the things you need to know to become a true master of your craft.

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