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Flashcards help you...

Learn Elixir on the go

Flashcards fit in the pocket and don’t need to be charged, which make them great for learning while travelling. They are easy to pick up & put down so they fit well into busy lives.

Remember Elixir API

How often do you need to stop and look at the docs? Does this interupt your flow? Practising with flashcards using distributed learning techniques are a highly effective way to memorise information.

Explore all Elixir functions

Learn about functions you haven't discovered yet. We strive to cover full API for each module. That’s why we have Enum 1 and Enum 2, for example, so we can cover all the functions in Enum module.

Have fun learning Elixir

Flashcards are great for opening a discussion with others about the topic. Also it can be used in a game to encourage learning in a group.

Learn Elixir by example

It can be hard to understand document without seeing a code example. These Elixir flashcards are packed full of hundreds of examples.

Identify knowledge gaps

Flashcards can help you quickly identify what you don’t know. Useful when you have some knowledge of Elixir but are struggling to move to the next level.

Benefits of using flashcards...



Online Course

Facilitates group learning
Helps memorize API
In depth API coverage
Helps revise knowledge
Helps identify knowledge gaps
Tailored learning to your needs
Fast return on investment
Explanation of concepts
Walk through real world usecases
Useful for getting started