Flashcards are a great way to highlight knowledge gaps, identify misconceptions or false beliefs, and help you memorise key concepts. When used in groups or teams, flashcards can help spark interesting discussions, and help bring people together to learn in a fun way by playing games.

Hand crafted

From post-it note to professionally printed cards each phase of the flashcards evolution has brought some improvements.

Following an inside out process we started with the content for each card, and gradually worked outwards, to the card itself, then expanding to the tuck box, and then further out to the packaging and delivery. Each step we have carefully selected the best balance we could find between price and quality.

Having produced a beautiful product we're incredibly proud of, we are now adjusting our attention to a wider focus to create more cards covering more languages and topics, tools to help with progress tracking like achievement boards, ideas to help motivation like multiplayer games, and many other unique ideas which help our customers level up faster.

Professionally printed

High quality or low price? As much as we strive to tick both boxes, when it comes to making a choice between those two options, high quality is what we choose.

Each deck contains:

  • 54 poker size cards
  • 320gsm embossed playing card stock
  • plastic coated finish
  • die cut cards to size with rounded corners
  • personalised printed tuck boxes supplied on 350gsm card with beautiful matt laminate finish

Become a master

Mastery is when your skill becomes second nature.

Read books, watch talks, do exercises and use flashcards to master Elixir. Flashcards will help you uncover the things you don't know and help you focus on the things you need to know to become a true master of your craft.

What's available?

Here you can find the Elixir flashcards currently available to order. Each deck is designed to cover a specific area of knowledge and below you will find a description for each deck. When there are more than 1 in a series, for example Enum 1, 2 and 3, the 3 decks together covers the topic.

Fundamentals 1

This series takes a thin slice across the whole Elixir subject picking examples from many different modules. This deck covers many areas such as pattern matching, calling functions, references, process and nodes. It also includes many examples of the common functions from Kernel, Map, Enum and List.

Fundamentals 2

Following on with the Fundamentals series, this deck continues with examples from config, ecto, booleans, stream and even the mighty quote gets a brief mention as we continue to take a broad shallow slice across the core Elixir landscape. Regex, Map, Enum and many other modules get more coverage and we briefly cover projects, dependencies and modules.

Kernel 1

Covering the functions and macros included by default from the Kernel module this series will give you a firm grip on the core of Elixir. The first in this series, this deck covers in depth arithmetic opperators such as addition, multiplcation, boolean operators, as well as ranges, pipes, pattern matching, the many is_* functions available for use in guard clauses.

Kernel 2

Coming soon...

Enum 1

Enumeration is a key part of any functional language, and Elixir is no different. The Enum series covers the powerful Enum module which is packed full of functions for dealing with collections. From simple predicates like .all? and .any? through to more elaborate functions like dedup and chunk, this pack will get you started on your journey to master working with collections in Elixir.

Enum 2

Continuing our coverage of the enormous Enum, this deck covers .empty, .fetch, .find and starts the journey into the powerful but sometimes mind bending world of .flat_map, .group_by, and .flat_map_reduce.

Enum 3

Our final deck on Enum takes us .max, .member, .min, .min_max, .partition, .reduce_while and the sometimes surprising .scan, .slice and .sort and bring it all back together again with .zip


The Agent deck .start, .start_link, including coverage of the important spawn_opts, .get, .update and of course the combined .get_and_update, .cast. This pack will have you storing state using Agent with ease.


The mighty Regex deck was hotly contested at ElixirConfEU which struck fear in even the most confident of core team members. Become the ultimate master of your craft and this will help you far beyond the relm of Elixir. This deck covers .match?, .named_captures?, .regex?, .replace, .run, .scan, .split amongst others.


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

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