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Do you find it frustrating to keep interrupting your thought process to look up documentation. Especially for functions you've used a million times? We do too!

That's why we created elixircards, flashcards for learning Elixir. We put a lot of care into curating valuable, effective content. Once tested, the cards are sent off to our specialist printer to produce high quality pocker size cards.

The quality of the product is reflected in it's price. Once we receive the product we spend time solidifying our knowledge by playing flashcards games together. If we are happy with the cards, we make it available to you.

Flashcards help you...

Learn on the go

Flashcards fit in the pocket and don’t need to be charged, which make them great for learning while travelling. They are easy to pick up & put down so they fit well into busy lives.

Memorise API

How often do you need to stop and look at the docs? Does this interupt your flow? Practising with flashcards using distributed learning techniques are a highly effective way to memorise information.

Explore Elixir

Learn new functions you haven't used. We strive to cover full API for each module. That’s why we have Enum 1 and Enum 2, for example, so we can cover all the functions in Enum module.

Have fun learning

Flashcards are great for opening a discussion with others about the topic. Also it can be used in a game to encourage learning in a group.

Learn by example

It can be hard to understand documentation without seeing a code example. These Elixir flashcards are packed full of hundreds of examples.

Identify knowledge gaps

Flashcards can help you quickly identify what you don’t know. Useful when you have some knowledge of Elixir but are struggling to move to the next level.

The cards are for you if you are ...

... an experienced developer who is starting with Elixir
... tired to look up docs and want to remember Elixir API
... ready to learn everything faster
... up for learning in a group playing board games
Bruce Tate
Learning a language is tough. ElixirCards help my conference attendees ramp up on Elixir by showing them what they don't know and reinforcing what they do. They are an indispensable tool for your language learning toolbox!


Author, founder of grox.io

Jose Valim
I was impressed by how well the flashcards cover Elixir's standard library! They're a great addition to the Elixir community and I had plenty of fun playing with them during the card tournament at ElixirConfEU. P.S. I won the tournament :D


Creator of Elixir

Simon Wolf
The cards are phenomenal quality, physically and as a learning tool, and they provide highly portable, distraction-free learning in a tried-and-tested way. I highly recommend these to new and experienced Elixir developers


Backend developer at Sketch